The Ravi Ravindra 2017 Seminar from September 29th to October 1st:


And the obstacles we encounter

Ravi Ravindra will be returning to Oslo in September and October this year. He will give a Gurdjieff Work seminar on September 30th and October 1st 2017, on the subject 'Search for Truth and Freedom'.

On Friday September 29th at 18:00 Ravi Ravindra will give an inspirational talk at Litteraturhuset on the theme: A Science of Being. Some rare pieces from the Gurdjieff music will be played.

The September 29th lecture will be held at Amalie Skram Hall on the 2nd floor at Litteraturhuset. Payment at the door (kr 50,-).

The seminar on September 30th and October 1st is organized by Gurdjieff Society Norway and will be held in their premises at Økernveien 183, Oslo.

BOOKING: Seminar fee is NOK 1600,- including food. NOK 1200,- for students and pensioners. Please pay to bank account no: 0530.10.17342 no later than September 22rd, to secure a place at the seminar.

For booking and further information please call 40777477 or 91560833 or via email

The program for the 2017 Ravi Ravindra seminar

Friday 29. September: (Litteraturhuset) The Gurdjieff Inspiration Talk

18:00 Ravi Ravindra on ’A Science of Being’ Gurdjieff music will be played

Saturday 30. September: (Økernveien 183, Oslo)

09:45 Arrival and registration

10:15 Meditation

10:45 Ravi on ’Consciousness, Awareness and Attention’ These three words are intimately connected with each other in our exploration of levels of consciousness

11.45 Pause with coffee/tea

12:15 Some simple exercises for body in movement with Priscilla Murray

13:15 Lunch preparation, lunch, exchange, washing up

15.15 Gurdjieffs music with listening with attention to the music

15:45 Ravi on ’Fragility of Attention’ What causes our attention to wander and how to assist steadying it

16:45 Tea and coffee

17:10 Film from the Gurdjieff Work

Ca 18:00 The End

Sunday 1. October:

10:00 Meditation

10:30 Ravi on ’Need for Harmonization of Centres’ Harmonization of lower centres naturally allows a connection with higher emotional and intellectual centres

11:30 Pause with tea and coffee

12:00 Some simple exercises for body in movement with Priscilla Murray

13:15 Lunch preparation, lunch, with exchange and exploration of themes, washing up

15:30 ’Obstacles to Awakening’ Exchange with members of the Norwegian Group. What stands in the way and what can assist to overcome the obstacles

16:30 Tea and coffee

17:00 Concluding remarks by Ravi with’Some Practical exercises for Inner Work’

17:40 Some pieces from the Gurdjieff/DeHartmann music repertoire

18:00 The End.