A two-day seminar with RAVI RAVINDRA


Exploring Gurdjieff's teaching about our two natures

A particle of Divinity, our higher nature,
takes on a body-mind, the lower nature,
for the purpose of undertaking some intentional action in order to evolve.
The relationship between these two natures influences the quality of our being.

Movement exercises by Priscilla Murray
Pianists Narve Skaugen & Tone Lunden
Venue: Økernveien 183, Oslo

The program for the 2018 Ravi Ravindra seminar

Saturday 29. September:

09:45 Arrival and registration

10:15 Meditation

10:45 Ravi on ’Purpose of Organic Life on the Earth’
What is the place of organic life in the Ray of Creation? We will explore the interconnectedness and mutual sustenance of the whole of life in Nature.

12:15 Some simple exercises for body in movement

13:15 Lunch preparation, lunch, exchange, washing up

15:15 Gurdjieffs music introducing inner listening

15:45 Ravi on ’Special Call to Human Beings to Serve the Earth’
The planet Earth is also evolving in consciousness and human beings have the special possibility of assisting this evolution by conscious labour which can make it possible for us to receive subtler vibrations and energies from levels above the Earth.

17:10 Film from the Gurdjieff Work

18:00 End of the first day

Sunday 30. September:

10:00 Meditation

10:30 Ravi on 'Body is Necessary but the Body is Not the Most Important Thing'
All effort is undertaken by the body-mind, and even the subtlest spiritual experience is a sensation in the body. However, the body is designed for destruction after a few decades. The purpose of human incarnation is to assist the evolution of the spiritual dweller in the body.

12:00 Some simple exercises for body in movement

13:15 Lunch preparation, lunch, with exchange and exploration of themes, washing up

15:30 ‘True Individuality Consists in Voluntarily Placing Oneself Under a Law’ Exchange with members of the Norwegian Group.

Our ordinary self makes the efforts but the call to human beings is to find and obey our true Self that has taken on the body.

17:00 Concluding remarks by Ravi with’Some Practical exercises for Inner Work’

17:40 Music from the Gurdjieff tradition

18:00 Seminar ends.

BOOKING: Seminar fee is NOK 1600,- including food. NOK 1200,- for students and senior citizens. Please pay to bank account no: 0530.10.17342 no later than September 21st, to secure a place at the seminar.

For booking and further information please call 40777477 or via email post@gurdjieff.no.